Welcome to the Harrogate Chocolate Factory.

We are a social enterprise aiming to do our part towards creating a fairer and more equal world.

With every Harrogate Chocolate Factory purchase of hand-crafted chocolate, it is good feelings all round.

You can feel good because you’re helping support young adults with learning disabilities and autism gain vital work skills and experience.

Your supporting the producers of our ethically sourced and sustainably grown ingredients.

We can feel good too because we can continue to grow our social enterprise and do our bit towards making inclusive employment a reality.

Oh and of course…not forgetting the great feelings you get from eating a healthy and nutritious bar of chocolate packed full of antioxidants and totally free from any nasty allergens.

Plenty of reasons to feel good!


The Harrogate Chocolate Factory is a social enterprise aiming to help young people with learning disabilities and autism get the skills they need to help them into paid employment – and help everyone else feel good.

Our Chocolate

Our chocolate contains cacao from the purest Peruvian Criollo bean which we slow roast at a low temperature to keep as many of the nutrients and antioxidants in our bars.