Freqently asked questions

con What is the Harrogate Chocolate Factory?

Harrogate Chocolate Factory is a social enterprise, set up by local charity named HS4LC as a business that supports young adults with learning dsabilities and autism to gain work experience and independence. Our trainees create the Harrogate Chocolate Factory chocolate from bean to bar, learning every step from roasting the bean to moulding and wrapping. We are a sustainable enterprise, supporting other local businesses, buying Fairtrade and reducing waste wherever we can.

Who is HS4L?

HS4L also known as Harrogate Skills for Living are a local Harrogate charity working for the benefit of adults with learning disabilities and autism. Please check our website  for more information about the charity and other work we do.

Where can I purchase Harrogate Chocolate  Factory products?

You can purchase our chocolate from the shop on our website, but if you’re in and around Harrogate town, we also have bars at the Harrogate Chocolate Factory Café and other stockists. Please visit our stockist page to find a full list of current details. You can also enquire via the become a stockist page to find out about wholesale prices and about becoming a stockist yourself.

Can I stock Harrogate Chocolate Factory products in my shop/business?

Yes you can. Please contact us here to register your interest in becoming a Harrogate Chocolate Factory stockist and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss further details. 

What is Harrogate Chocolate Factory Chocolate made with?

All of our chocolate bars are 100% vegan and gluten free. They are made with organic raw cacao beans, which are roasted crushed and ground down to make melted 100% dark chocolate. We add organic cocoa butter and coconut palm sugar to make it smooth and sweet making our 70% dark chocolate bar. We do the same process with our milk bars too, but add in rice flour to our rice milk recipe and coconut milk powder to our coconut milk recipe, giving them that creamy, rich taste.

How is the chocolate made?

Our chocolate is made by our trainees from bean to bar. They roast the beans to a certain temperature, and let them cool before crushing them. They then do a step named “winnowing” which separates the shell from the cacoa nib. The nib is then crushed and cocoa butter and a vanilla pod is added to melt it down and create 100% dark chocolate. Coconut palm sugar is then added to sweeten the recipe and create our signature 70% dark chocolate. A similar recipe is followed to create our rice and cocounut milk bars, but milk powder is added to these to reduce the bitterness of the chocolate and make them creamy and delicious.

Is the chocolate dairy free?

Yes! All of our chocolate is made in a dairy, gluten and nut free environment.

Can I visit the Harrogate Chocolate Factory?

At the minute, visits to Harrogate Chocolate Factory are limited due to the busy nature of our work area but please feel free to contact us to make an enquiry about a visit and we will see how we can help.