The Harrogate Chocolate Factory social enterprise was created by Harrogate Skills for Living – Skills Bridge with the aim to support young people with learning disabilities and autism gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve paid employment,

We asked some of our learners questions about their time working in the Harrogate Chocolate Factory. This is what Megan had to say…

Your name: Megan

What does a normal day in the chocolate factory look like for you?

I would get into chef whites, put our hairnets and gloves on and we could get told by Trinity a bunch of different tasks to do with the chocolate and wash up afterwards or I’m i could be wrapping chocolate and clearing up afterwards.


What is your favourite thing to do when working in the chocolate factory?

My favourite thing to do when I’m working is doing the moulding, pouring the chocolate in the mould, getting to make the chocolate (even better eating the broken bits) wrapping the chocolate up and packing them in boxes afterwards.


What have you learnt since working in the chocolate factory?

 I’ve learnt how to do the nibs technique, heating the pan to melt the cocoa butter, and moulding the chocolate into an easter egg shape.


How do you think working in the chocolate factory will help you with ongoing employment opportunities?

I think it will help me have an ongoing employment opportunities in the chocolate factory and the café.


What is your favourite Harrogate Chocolate Factory chocolate?

 I don’t have a favourite chocolate; I always see it as good chocolate. If I were to have a favourite, it would be milk or coconut chocolate.


What is your favourite thing to make?

I always like making the chocolate here at the Harrogate chocolate factory.


What is the task you find the most challenging in the chocolate factory?

The task I find challenging the most that gets me nervous is moulding.


How do you get over tasks you find challenging?

i take time to breathe and take 5 minutes to myself and carry on work.

We have another interview to share with you very soon so please keep a look out.

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