We have been working on something very special, a filled chocolate range. This range of delicious vegan filled chocolates can be tried out for free in the Harrogate Chocolate Factory Café.

The research that went into these was extensive but the trail and error made it all worth-while. We started of by using rubber moulds but soon found that the finish of the chocolates weren’t as clean or glossy as they could be. We searched for a better alternative and found some hard plastic moulds that allowed the finish to be much cleaner and more appetizing.

We also tried a range of different fillings, but needing them to be Vegan so they couldn’t have any cream in them took us on a journey into research for a recipe for vegan filling. We tried out a few different ones but found that the best way was to make vegan fudge. This consists of vegan white chocolate and vegan condensed milk. We then separate the recipe into different containers and add the different flavours such as salted caramel, strawberry, orange and mint.


  • = Temper some dark chocolate and fill the moulds. Tip the mould upside down to get rid of the excess chocolate (this can get quite messy!).

 –Put your mould into the fridge to set while you make up your fillings.

  • – Melt a cup of vegan while chocolate bain-marie. Once fully melted, turn the heat to low and add a full can of vegan condensed milk and stir together for a few minutes until they are both fully combined.
  • – Separate the mixture into different contained and start adding the desired amount of flavour and food colouring to each one.
  • = Your chocolate should now be fully set so take this out of the fridge and begin adding the filling to the chocolate. Be careful not to fill it up to much so it doesn’t peak up out of the chocolate you’re going to be adding on top, about half way.
  • – Once you’ve added all the filling, you then get some more tempered chocolate and add it to the moulds. Grab something to scrape the chocolate with and scrape off any excess for that smooth finish.
  • – Put the moulds back into the fridge and wait for it to set. Once it is, bon-appetite! Remove the chocolate from the moulds and serve!

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