Our chocolate contains cacao from the purest Peruvian Criollo bean which we slow roast at a low temperature to keep as many of the nutrients and antioxidants in our bars.

The coconut palm sugar is extracted from the blossoms of coconut palm trees in Indonesia. The sugar doesn’t go through any refining process or filtration so is naturally lower on the glycaemic index giving you slower release energy. It contains iron, zinc calcium and potassium plus more of those antioxidants and gives the chocolate a slight flavouring of caramel.

We use an organic Madagascan vanilla pod just to give that extra depth and sweetness to the flavour of our bars.

We conch the chocolate for around 30 hours to give it that smooth texture and melt in your mouth feel and finally we temper the chocolate to perfection so that you get a beautiful shiny finish and satisfying snapping sound when a piece is broken off.