One thing you may notice about our Harrogate Chocolate Factory chocolate bars is the eye-catching designs and colours of our wrappers.

We wanted the Harrogate Chocolate Factory bars to stand out and make an impact, so for our packaging, we decided to use the monumental buildings of Harrogate printed in bright and bold colours, making it personal to our little spa town whilst also been extremely eye-catching. We have some beautiful buildings in Harrogate and we decided, what better way to show our love for Harrogate and our love for chocolate all in one go!

Our packaging is designed by Yorkshire based company; Ostle & Maillard who make bespoke packaging and have done a fantastic job making our unique packaging. We also use brilliant quality gold foil to wrap our chocolate bars and give it that high quality look and feel.!

You can purchase all our chocolate bars on our online shop or interested in finding out more about the Harrogate Chocolate Factory? Check out our frequently asked questions page here!

Meet our master wrapper: Jo!

Hi my name is Jo, I started at Skills Bridge in October 2021 and have learnt a lot since then in the chocolate factory. I’ve learnt how to make chocolate from bean to bar using the different machines. I have learnt how to handle the machines with care, and how to clean them down after use.

My favourite job in the day to day is wrapping the bars, but I love when we get a chance to make filled chocolates (mainly because I love eating them)! But I do love the challenge of having to be precise with the chocolate and creating the different flavours for the filling.

I am in the chocolate factory every Monday morning, and enjoy that there is a different job each week to do. I like the creative side of it, knowing that there will never be a dull moment as there is always so much to do.

I can carry the lessons that I have learned into a lot of jobs. I want to be a cake decorator, and the skills learnt in the chocolate factory that I can transfer are skills such as food hygiene, health and safety in the workplace, and the creativeness of making chocolate can be similar to the creativeness of cake decorating.